Our Editor-In-Chief, Mindy Henderson, and our MDA Ambassadors shared some of their favorite products, then looked high and low to curate even more fantastic items that celebrate universal use. Some are adapted for specific purposes, and ALL were chosen with the community of individuals living with neuromuscular disease, and other disabilities, in mind. You're sure to find something for everyone on your list.
Just don't forget to treat yourself!

Meet Our Ambassadors

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Kate Spade Slim Bifold Wallet

Recommended by: Tana Z.

This wallet is lightweight and has an easy open-shut snap closure. I love it because it keeps my cards and cash organized and secure, minimizes fumbling at checkouts, and offers fun colors and prints to choose from!

Chantal Beaded Bracelet in Gold

Recommended by: Mindy H.

This bracelet is one of many adjustable bracelets I have. No clasp to have to deal with and can fit a wide range of wrist sizes.

The Belt Bag

Recommended by: Mindy H.

I love the size of this bag. Big enough to carry a phone, some money or credit cards and a lipstick, but not so big that you have to reach way in and dig around. Easy flap open. Can be worn as a Crossbody, or get creative with the strap and find a way to attach it to the side of a wheelchair


Fair Harbor One Pant

Recommended by: Nevin S.

Fair Harbor makes versatile pants that are lightweight, have no button or zipper.

Bombas Gripper Socks

Recommended by: Nevin S.

I am afraid of slipping on the floors in my house and found these Bombas gripper socks, which give me security when walking around. When you buy from Bombas they also donate to homeless shelters.

Les Umes Women’s Casual Wide Leg Pants

Recommended by: Leah Z.

I wear KAFO’s (bilateral full leg braces) and it’s hard to find pants that won’t rip from my braces. These pants do the job! They are easy to put on, come in all types of materials including denim, linen, and spandex, and are comfortable yet classy.


Facial Cleansing Brush by Olay Regenerist

Recommended by: Skye A.

This electric facial cleaning brush makes washing my face so much easier. Since it’s automatic, I can clean my face well while using minimal muscles and movement.

Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver

Recommended by: Skye A.

Shaving is something I absolutely hate doing! This shaver makes it so much easier and I don’t have to worry about cutting myself or worry about needing a new blade. It charges and can be used on wet or dry skin.

Rare Beauty Foundation/Concealer

Recommended by: Leah Z.

This vegan-free, cruelty free, and affordable foundation is lightweight and stays on all day. I love it because it looks very natural and is super hydrating.

Books Planners & Journaling

On My Own Two Feet, by Amy Purdy

Recommended by: Mindy H.

Amy Purdy is a motivational speaker, double amputee and snowboarding Paralympics medal list. She is one of my heroes, and I absolutely love her book and her story.

Erin Condren LifePlanner Collection

Recommended by: Mindy H.

I am all about organization and journaling. I love the spiral-bound feature of these journals, and love how they keep me organized for the year.


Recommended by: Mindy H.

This is gift all done online. They email you or whoever you gift it to a weekly prompt – favorite childhood memory, what they learned about having kids, their favorite trips. At the end of the year, they turn the stories into a book.

Electronics Tech

Sony Alpha 6100 APS-C Camera

Recommended by: Tana Z

This camera is lightweight, has all of the features I want, and takes great photos. I am unable to hold any camera with a viewfinder up to my face, this tiltable LCD screen is fantastic and allows me to shoot from any level.

Vivo Remote Control TV Wall Mount

Recommended by: Mindy H.

Anything I can operate from my phone or with a remote gives me an extra layer of independence. This TV wall mount allows you to raise, lower or swivel your 37″ to 70″ television with the press of a button on a remote control.

Apple Watch Series 7

Recommended by: Amy S.

My watch offers a sense of security to be able to call someone if I fall and don’t have my phone on me. This newer model can detect hard falls and call your emergency contact for you. Plus, it is great for tracking exercise!


Impo Noland Stretch Boot

Recommended by: Mindy H.

This boot is perfect for the fall and winter. It’s just below the knee, has a zipper and a bit of stretch for ease of on and off. Heel is not too high and not too low, comes in a variety of colors.

On Clouds Sneakers

Recommended by: Nevin S.

I like a lightweight shoe that is flat, supportive, and good for all day use. On Clouds are just that, and they look good with a variety of fun colors.


Saucony Jazz sneakers

Recommended by: Amy S.

I have purchased these many times over the years. They are very sturdy, which is helpful with foot drop, and their no-tie-shoelaces are easy to use. Bonus, they come in SO many fun colors!


Blank Comic Book For Kids

Recommended by: April S

This is a great blank comic book for creative, art-y kids!


Recommended by: Addison E.

Golf can be a great sport – Addison doesn’t have to be as strong and fast as other children because it is an individual sport really.  She especially loves TopGolf because of the electronic games.

Amazon echo dot

Recommended by: Addison E.

The Amazon echo dot has been nice because you can have reminders go off (think potty training) or we can use it as an intercom to check on her.  She can be in her room and have some independence and we can “drop in” and check on her.


Spring Assisted Shears

Recommended by: Tana Z

I use these for EVERYTHING, from wrapping presents to cutting pizza. Regular scissors are difficult to extend because of my hand’s dexterity. The spring does that part for you!

OXO Etched Zester

Recommended by: Tana Z

I love cooking and use my OXO zester for many things. The handle angle is easy to grip, it has a wider grate surface than other zesters, and the rubber edges keep it from slipping when I brace the end against the countertop.

Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer

Recommended by: Nevin S.

I love cooking and the Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer is great for healthy cooking, grease free, and very accessible when using. Sometimes lifting pots and trays out of the oven is not an easy task.

Personal Care

Exerpeutic 2000M Motorized Electric Mini Exercise Bike

Recommended by: Mindy H.

This bike is amazing. It can be used as a hand bike, or set it on the floor and pedal with your legs. It is motorized, so for me, holding on and running my arms through the pedaling motion is great exercise, but you can power it yourself if you choose.

Elemis Body Detox Skin Brush

Recommended by: Mindy H.

Dry brushing is great for your circulation, and is a fantastic skin exfoliater. No water required. The long handle allows you to either reach hard to get places on your body, or makes it easy for a helper to use. Be sure to read up on the proper way to dry brush!

Easy Sleep CNH Pillow

Recommended by: Ira W.

The CNH pillow is a dream come true for anyone that suffers from pillow ear irritation caused by sleeping primarily on one side. It is designed to provide ample head support with a sized opening for your ear.



Donate to MDA

Recommended by: Mindy H.

Give the ultimate gift and help MDA continue to send kids to summer camp, fund important research and provide world-class care through our network of care centers across the country. Make a one time or a monthly donation in honor of or in memory of someone you love.


Quest Magazine Subscription

Recommended by: Mindy H.

Sign up for a FREE subscription to Quest Magazine for yourself or someone you love, and receive four issues of Quest Magazine annually. Inside this adaptive lifestyle magazine you will find personal stories, science and research information, and resources to help you live as independently as possible in all areas of your life.


Recommended by: Mindy H.

Give the gift of your time and sign up to volunteer with MDA. From volunteering at summer camp, to volunteering at fundraising events, or joining our grassroots advocacy team as a volunteer to use your voice to change legislation, there are lots of options for you to get involved.