Our Editor-In-Chief, Mindy Henderson, and our MDA Ambassadors shared some of their favorite products, then looked high and low to curate even more fantastic items that celebrate universal use. Some are adapted for specific purposes, and ALL were chosen with the community of individuals living with neuromuscular disease, and other disabilities, in mind. You're sure to find something for everyone on your list.
Just don't forget to treat yourself!

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The Belt Bag

Recommended by: Mindy H.

I love the size of this bag. Big enough to carry a phone, some money or credit cards and a lipstick, but not so big that you have to reach way in and dig around. Easy flap open. Can be worn as a Crossbody, or get creative with the strap and find a way to attach it to the side of a wheelchair

Pop Sockets

Recommended by: Skye A.

My pop socket is my most used item. It allows me to have a better grip on my phone, especially when taking photos. They come in so many different styles, making it easy to find one that fits your vibe!

MICHAEL KORS Pointelle Cable Knit Infinity Scarf

Recommended by: Mindy H.

Infinity scarves are so convenient – just loop them over your head once or twice, depending on the length and desired look. No fancy knotting skills required.


SWOMOG silk satin pajamas

Recommended by: Amy S.

Sounds silly, but these pajamas changed my life! Before I discovered these, it was very difficult to turn over or move around in bed. These make it so much easier to slide and reposition with much less effort.

Fair Harbor One Short

Recommended by: Nevin S.

Fair Harbor makes versatile shorts that are lightweight, have no button or zipper, and I use them for working out, swimming and going out to dinner.

Cargo Sweatpants

Recommended by: Thad D.

Cargo sweatpants are comfortable, functional clothing that are perfect for wheelchair enthusiasts.


Revlon Lipstick – Pink in the Afternoon

Recommended by: Leah Z.

This beautiful lipstick has a classic look – Aubrey Hepburn wore it in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s!” I love it because it’s creamy and makes me feel like a million bucks. I wear it to almost all my favorite occasions!

WEILY Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror

Recommended by: Skye A.

This mirror makes getting ready so much easier! I bring it on all my trips because standard hotels mirrors don’t always accommodate my needs and I can place this this mirror anywhere.

Not Your Mother’s Leave-In Conditioner

Recommended by: Tana Z

This leave-in conditioner makes it easier to brush long hair. And because press down pumps do not work for me, this squeeze pump feature works perfectly for me to hold and operate.

Books Planners & Journaling

The Truth About Things that Suck by Mindy Henderson

Recommended by: Amy S.

Mindy is a fantastic writer who is funny, honest, and speaks her truth well. It is comforting to read her story and relate on so many levels. And just plain fun to relive her happy memories with her through her words!


Recommended by: Mindy H.

This is gift all done online. They email you or whoever you gift it to a weekly prompt – favorite childhood memory, what they learned about having kids, their favorite trips. At the end of the year, they turn the stories into a book.

On My Own Two Feet, by Amy Purdy

Recommended by: Mindy H.

Amy Purdy is a motivational speaker, double amputee and snowboarding Paralympics medal list. She is one of my heroes, and I absolutely love her book and her story.

Electronics Tech

Cordless leaf blower

Recommended by: Amy S.

This is lightweight enough for me to handle holding for a short period of time to clean off my front porch. And the cordless feature takes away the worry of tripping over a cord while operating it.

Amazon echo

Recommended by: Skye A.

I use Alexa to turn my lights on and off and I like the reassurance that it gives me when I’m home alone. If I fall, I can say “Alexa, call….” and I don’t have to worry about being stuck without being able to call for help.

Vivo Remote Control TV Wall Mount

Recommended by: Mindy H.

Anything I can operate from my phone or with a remote gives me an extra layer of independence. This TV wall mount allows you to raise, lower or swivel your 37″ to 70″ television with the press of a button on a remote control.


Inmaker No Tie Shoe Laces

Recommended by: Amy S.

I love these and has repurchased them several times. These sneakers slip on without having to bend over to tie them.

TOMS Hyde Wedge Bootie

Recommended by: Mindy H.

I find sitting in a chair all day in a wedge to be incredibly comfortable. I love the classic Toms wedge bootie that laces up the front for easy on and off.

Chuck Taylor Low Top All Stars

Recommended by: Tana Z

These are one of few tie shoes that I can just slip my feet into and the flat bottom keeps my feet flat and my toes from curling over. They’re a timeless, edgy addition to any look.


Amazon echo dot

Recommended by: Addison E.

The Amazon echo dot has been nice because you can have reminders go off (think potty training) or we can use it as an intercom to check on her.  She can be in her room and have some independence and we can “drop in” and check on her.

Anorak Puffer Coat

Recommended by: April S

April loves this fun, versatile coat! Lots of great features and a stylish look.

Step into Reading

Recommended by: Addison E.

Books from Step into Reading have been awesome for Addison.  They have a good variety. She’s gotten better and better at reading with them.


Keurig Coffee Maker

Recommended by: Ira W.

This simplistic, no-mess coffee maker is easy to operate and small enough to be stored anywhere in your kitchen. It is a coffee lover’s must have!

Corelle Livingware Dinner Plate

Recommended by: Skye A.

Lightweight plates are a must have for me that make a huge impact on my independence. I like these because they are simple, affordable, and durable.

Yoga Blocks

Recommended by: Thad D.

Yoga blocks make getting up from the floor easier. I keep yoga blocks in just about every room in my home so that they are never too far when I need them.

Personal Care

Rock tape original water resistant kinesiology tape

Recommended by: Amy S.

This tape is one of my favorite things because I have a lot of lower back pain. This tape helps manage pain and even stays in place during pool workouts.

Palmer’s Cocoa butter formula with vitamin E

Recommended by: Leah Z.

I apply Palmer’s every night after I bathe. This formula makes my skin feel so soft, smooth, and clean. I love the sweet smell and lasting hydrating effects.

Recumbent Bicycle

Recommended by: Thad D.

When my mountain bike became uncomfortable and began to cause a lot of pain, I was able to keep biking with a recumbent bike. Recumbents feature a reclining feet-first posture that is much more supportive, comfortable, and safe – and are so much fun!


Quest Magazine Subscription

Recommended by: Mindy H.

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Recommended by: Mindy H.

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Donate to MDA

Recommended by: Mindy H.

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