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MDA Quest Media Product Guide

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and welcome to the MDA Quest Media product guide! This guide is designed to help you find the products you need to live a more independent, stylish, fun, and all-around great life. All the products you see here were chosen by MDA Ambassadors, who shared exactly how each product helps them in their daily lives.

Find something for yourself, or find the perfect gift here for someone special this holiday season.

Shop 'Til you Drop!

Tis’ the season to shop and to GIVE!

These thoughtfully curated products are used and recommended by MDA Ambassadors and are perfect for your holiday shopping list. Each item you see here has enhanced the independence of one of our ambassadors and can do the same for other individuals living with a disability.

Meet Our Ambassadors

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Our Favorites

This is the season of family and friends, parties and gatherings, and other festivities. It is a time to celebrate, and to reflect on all we have to be grateful for. These thoughtfully curated products are recommended by MDA Ambassadors as items that make some area of their life just a little easier.

Find the perfect gift here to enhance the independence of someone you love, and maybe a little something for yourself as well!

Snow Ski Standing Outriggers

Recommended by: Payton

CMT affects balance making snow skiing challenging. Standing outriggers give counterbalance while skiing, letting me take part.

Back Massage Seat Cushion

Recommended by: Peyton

This helps relieve my pain and plugs into my wheelchair so I can turn it on anytime I feel like I need it.

Electric Trike

Recommended by: Payton

My CMT affects balance and makes muscles fatigue a bit faster. My electric trike lets me participate in bike riding without worrying about balance or fatigue.

The Flippy

Recommended by: Anna

This product can hold devices or books at different angles. It is soft and lightweight, and it comes in multiple colors and patterns.

Lululemon High Rise Pants

Recommended by: Audrey

Sometimes I like to wear leggings, however they are difficult to get on by myself. These are so easy to get on independently.

Summer Lounge Sweatpants

Recommended by: Natalie

They are a very cute and easy pair of pants to put on.

Emojo Fat Tire Trike

Recommended by: David

This e-trike has pedal assist and throttle. I can still ride with family, and it goes close to 45 miles on a full charge!

OFFLINE Real Me Legging

Recommended by: Natalie

This product works so well for me because it is very easy to put on, and is comfortable when sitting for a long time.



Recommended by: Mindy H.

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