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MDA Quest Media Product Guide

Welcome to the MDA Quest Media product guide! This guide is designed to help you find the products you need to live a more independent, stylish, fun, and all-around great life. All the products you see here were chosen by MDA Ambassadors, who shared exactly how each product helps them in their daily lives. Find something for yourself, or for someone else in your life who you want to get a thoughtful gift for. 

These items are recommended by MDA Ambassadors, but MDA does not receive any portion of the proceeds. This is a resource we have curated because we LOVE you and because we LOVE things that make your life just a little easier.

Shop 'Til you Drop!

These thoughtfully curated products are used and recommended by MDA Ambassadors. Each item you see here has enhanced the independence of one of our ambassadors and can do the same for other individuals living with a disability. 

Meet Our Ambassadors

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Our Favorites

As mother-nature is bringing warmer temperatures, we bring you a whole new batch of MDA-Ambassador-approved products to check out. Consider them your personal shoppers, and check out their recommendations below. Your new “favorite thing” may be a click away!

Find the perfect item here to enhance the independence of someone you love, and maybe a little something for yourself as well!

Handle Bowling Ball

Recommended by: Ed L.

The handle bowling ball is designed with a suitcase-like handle for bowlers who have difficulty gripping a ball.

Skip Hop Grab & Go Organizer

Recommended by: Blake & Dayton B.

“We use this every day on the side of our wheelchairs to carry personal items, like cords, tissues, money, phones, and more.”

Simply Tidy™ Hudson Rolling Cart

Recommended by: Blake & Dayton B.

“This cart holds most of our medical equipment and supplies. We can easily roll it from room to room when we need to.”

Nintendo Switch  

Recommended by: Blake & Dayton B.

“The controllers on the Switch are easy to hold and travel with.”

OMECAL Overbed Table w/Wheels

Recommended by: Blake & Dayton B.

“We use this stand for many different things throughout the day. We use it at the recliner and bed to do schoolwork and eat.”

UGREEN Cell Phone Stand

Recommended by: Blake & Dayton B.

“This phone stand is small and easy to use. When we are not using it, we put it in our side pouches.”

Recliner Remote Hand Control

Recommended by: Blake & Dayton B.

“We are no longer able to reach the buttons on the side of our electric recliners. We found this remote control on Amazon to help control our recliners.”

Munchkin Extend Faucet Extenders

Recommended by: Blake & Dayton B.

“This item extends the water stream to reach our hands easier when washing them.”

Drawer/Cabinet Push-Open Mod

Recommended by: Allyson P.

This is an inexpensive modification. Push-open modifications help you to open drawers or cabinets without having to grasp a handle.

Seraphic Skincare Exfoliating Mitts

Recommended by: Blake & Dayton B.

“This is by far the best addition to our shower routine. It easily exfoliates dead skin off our bodies.”

Portable Utensils

Recommended by: Allyson P.

These sets are lightweight, a medium size, and come in many colors. They are especially helpful at restaurants with heavy utensils.

Pivoting Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Recommended by: Allyson P.

“I like this product because it doesn’t require a lot of hand strength or fine motor skills, and I can change the roll independently.”

ZIRAKI Large Reading Pillow

Recommended by: Mashauna B.

“I use this to help support my sides and back when I sit in bed.”

Three-Tiered Rolling Utility Cart

Recommended by: Allyson P.

This is helpful for storing medical supplies and other belongings close by and is easy to roll around your room. There are also helpful add-ons, like handle att…

Loungefly Mini Backpacks

Recommended by: Allyson P.

These cute and lightweight bags have adjustable straps, a solid base to sit on your lap, and ample storage to hold medical supplies and personal belongings.


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Recommended by: Mindy H.

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Recommended by: Mindy H.

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