MDA Ambassador Guest Blog: Happy Father’s Day

Being a father is one of the most rewarding things in life. I have two children, Abbott (6) and Laurel (3). Add having Becker Muscular Dystrophy with that, and it’s an entire different ballpark of excitement. From the day they were born, my children quickly learned I was different, and it quickly became their normal. I…

Experience the Power of Community at MDA In-Person Events

As MDA welcomes back a busy schedule of in-person events this year, there are a myriad of ways that individuals can come together and reap the benefits of time well spent with their community. Gathering with others, especially in support of a common cause, provides a sense of belonging and purpose to many in the…

MDA on the Hill 2023: Advocates Return to Washington, D.C.

We are back in person (and better than ever!) It’s been over three years since MDA’s grassroots advocates traveled to Washington D.C. to meet in person with their lawmakers. Despite the pandemic-caused hiatus, advocates returning to the Nation’s capital this month arrived with renewed passion and purpose. On May 9 and 10th, MDA grassroots volunteers…

The Trans New Hampshire Bike Ride: One Man’s Road to Advocacy

ESPN Digital Producer Nevin Steiner has found his life’s mission in sharing the message that “it’s not what you can’t do in this life, but what you can.” Diagnosed with Becker muscular dystrophy (BMD) at six years old, Nevin’s accomplishments are a testament to that message. Nevin played varsity tennis in high school, graduated from…

MDA Ambassador Guest Blog: Taking Care of Our Mental Health

I feel like our mental health is something we don’t discuss enough. I want to share how Muscular Dystrophy has affected my mental health, because honestly speaking, there have been some very low times. Living with a physical disability is difficult. Knowing it is something that you can’t take medicine for to make it better…

How to Feel Safe in Your Home

Choose the right home security system to make people with neuromuscular diseases and other disabilities safer in their homes.

Drink One for Dane: A Legacy of Love

Anyone who has had the opportunity to visit one of the over 700 Dutch Bros locations can agree that Dutch Bros knows good coffee. But Dutch Bros serves their community much more than just a morning cup of joe, especially the neuromuscular community. Started by brothers Travis and Dane Boersma in 1992, the drive-thru coffee…

Talking About a Diagnosis Is a Personal Decision

When considering telling friends and family about a diagnosis, here are best practices and how to handle questions.

Teen Inspires His Uncles to Fundraise For MDA

Two uncles find creative ways to fundraise for MDA and support their nephew with Becker muscular dystrophy (BMD).

A Musical Spreads Muscular Dystrophy Awareness

Actor, director, and composer Jess Westman explains why he made a musical about living with muscular dystrophy.

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The Quest podcast, proudly presented by the Muscular Dystrophy Association, is part of the Quest family of content. Hosted by Quest Editor-in-Chief, motivational speaker and writer Mindy Henderson.

Episode 29 – Expert Accessible Travel Tips for Your Next Vacation

Summer is around the corner! In this Quest Podcast episode, we chat with two renowned travel writers who live with physical disabilities. Sylvia Longmire, creator of the Spin the Globe accessible travel blog, and Cory Lee, creator of the Curb Free with Cory Lee travel blog, join us to share their experiences, expertise, and advice…

Episode 28 – There is No Such Thing as Normal

Megan DeJarnett is an author, speaker, disability DEI educator, and inclusion advocate. Megan lives with SMA and is the organizational founder of No Such Thing, a company with a mission to help others redefine purpose by removing defining labels. Author of the children’s books, “No Such Thing as Normal” and “Lovely as Can Be”, Megan…

Episode 27 – The Changing Landscape of Neuromuscular Care

As new treatments, cutting edge research, and a better understanding of genetic sequencing and mutations bring innovative change to the treatment landscape for neuromuscular disease, understanding your options and accessing care is more important than ever. We sit down with Dr. Matthew Harms, a neuromuscular neurologist and neurogenetics expert, to discuss what these changes mean…