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In Case You Missed It…

Quest Media is an innovative adaptive lifestyle platform from MDA. With the power of this platform, we foster awareness and empowerment and have important conversations with experts, thought leaders, and members of the neuromuscular disease community about topics that matter to them and to the larger community of individuals with disabilities.

With so many valuable podcasts, blog articles, and magazine articles available to our audience, chances are that you may have missed one or two pieces of interesting content. Check out the summaries and links below.


In case you missed it… Quest Blogs:


MDA’s 2024 Advocacy Agenda 

As we embark on a new year, MDA’s commitment to changing public policy and truly empowering the neuromuscular community remains the same. MDA advocates accomplished a lot last year,  and the advocacy team continues to work towards reaching new milestones and achieving vital goals in 2024.

Read more about the advocacy team’s agenda for the next 12 months here.

Insights by Ira: An Appetite for Independence

“If there’s a will, there’s a way” has become a slogan and a repetitive theme throughout National Ambassador Ira Walker’s journey. He shares his experience, insights, and lessons gained along the way learning to cook independently! Read more. 

9 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Clinical Trial 

Participating in a clinical trial can be an opportunity to help advance understanding and potential treatments for neuromuscular diseases. Experts recommend asking these nine questions before signing up for a clinical trial. Read more. 


In case you missed it… Quest Podcast:


Episode 37: How to Find Meaning & Fulfillment with Isaac Banks

In this Quest Podcast episode, we chat with MDA Ambassadors Isaac Banks about finding meaning and personal fulfillment in our lives. As a certified public speaker, author, and podcaster, he has devoted his career to providing equity and inclusion for others and finds personal fulfillment through his faith and mindfulness. He joins us to share his experiences, expertise, and advice. Listen here.




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